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Drug Rehab Palm Bay Fl (321) 558-1502 Alcohol Treatment Center

Medical Detox

After you admit to yourself and others that you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, you feel a sense of relief.

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Drug Rehab Palm Bay Fl (321) 558-1502 Alcohol Treatment Center


If you find yourself in a position of wondering whether or not you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you may be looking...

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Drug Rehab Palm Bay Fl (321) 558-1502 Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism is a complicated disease that affects the lives of millions of people in the United States each and every day.

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Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL (321) 558-1502

It’s no secret that the services of Drug Rehab are more essential today than ever before. Federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities all agree that Mexican cartels are operating sophisticated drug-distribution networks in and around the Palm Bay, Pennsylvania region. They are the top suppliers of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. These illicit operations are inexorably linked to addicted end users or chronic substance abusers. Drug Rehab Palm Bay can you help to break the drug use cycle through effective treatment interventions.

Cocaine, Heroin and Meth are recognized by Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL as three of the most highly addictive and notorious substances for causing fatal overdose. Drug Rehab Palm Bay addiction specialists are experienced with programs such as medical detox, customized rehabilitation programs, relapse prevention and after care. Our treatment options are designed to fit into the specific needs or requirements of our patients. Some patients are able to participate in a short or long term residential program while others find that our intensive outpatient service is a better fit for them.

Addiction is a life-changing brain disease that lead to obsessive drug seeking and compulsive use of chemical substances that has harmful effects. Some addictions are so deep seated that without the application of evidence-based addiction treatment, long term recovery is difficult to achieve. In addition to physical and psychological impairments, the intangible cost associated with addiction can deplete finances, destroy family life and end careers. At Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL we understand the burden of addiction and stand ready to help recovering addicts to achieve full recovery. Long term sobriety help to restore many of the opportunities lost through addiction.

Addiction Treatment Programs

The first step to overcoming addiction typically begins with halting drug use. Many addicts who try to overcome addiction on their own relapse during the detox phase because of severe cravings or painful withdrawal symptoms. Our detox program provides around-the-clock medical oversight and…

  • a) Provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment that remove the possibility of relapsing,
  • b) Minimize the discomfort and pain of withdrawal symptoms,
  • c) Address life-threatening health conditions that can develop as the body eliminate toxins,
  • d) Administer medication when necessary to stabilize psychological disturbances.

After the detox process is completed we implement the recovery program that has been customized for the patient. This process address any underlying mental health issues and explore the environmental and other significant life stressors that may have contributed to the addiction. Many young adults are introduced to a substance abuse lifestyle because of the community in which they live. Through one-on-one, group and family therapy sessions the patient is encouraged to relinquish self-blame and focus on recovery. Our board certified counselors and psychiatrists help to isolate negative behavior patterns as well as past events that may not have been adequately resolved and establish now goals for a drug free life. Group sessions provide a forum in which patients can identify with others with the same concerns and receive beneficial feedback.

Relapse prevention education and training is an integral component of drug rehab because it help the person in recovery to identify drug use triggers that may be unique to them. By understanding the stages of a relapse and acquiring a variety of coping techniques it is possible to look beyond addiction with the hope of sustaining sobriety.

The process of overcoming addiction includes admission into a drug treatment center where qualified counselors conduct a thorough evaluation. By gaining insight into the specifics such as the type and period of drug use, family history, environmental factors and mental health status we are then able to tailor a treatment program that will ensure full recovery. Treatment duration is dependent on variables such as extent of physical and psychological damage caused by the addiction and the patient’s commitment to the recovery process.
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About Palm Bay

Palm Bay is a city in Brevard County Florida. The population of Palm Bay is approximately 100,000. In 2010 Forbes ranked Palm Bay as the 11th most innovative city in the nation. Palm Bay is a safe and inviting place to live. With many recreational activities as well as centers and an abundance of work opportunities it is great for families and young adults. Residents enjoy the luxury of events that occur at the Goode Park which include movies on the lawn, concerts, and friendly competitions. In addition to Goode Park the city has another 29 parks including a skateboarding park, cyclocross park, dog park, tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, boating and fishing piers as well as nature trails all around. The extreme sports parks are a favorite for both visitors and residents. The aquatic center feature a large pool with slides, water park attractions, and picnic areas. The Cyclocross park is for BMX, off road cycling and those biking enthusiasts. Lastly, Hurricane paintball park, the sanctuary, and lagoon house all offer something unique. Palm Bay truly is a place where any age or gender will find pleasure living. enjoying the warm weather and outdoors is always better when there is an abundance of different places to visit such as the many named above.

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