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If you find yourself in a position of wondering whether or not you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, you may be looking for options for advice and possible treatment. Luckily, the treatment professionals at Drug Treatment Centers Palm Bay can help answer your questions and treat your addiction. Get to know some of the key facts about drug addiction and the options available to get you the help you need.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a complex combination of physical and psychological factors. It is characterized by a dependence upon a drug. What may begin as simple use escalates to abuse and then to full-on dependence.

Addiction is characterized by compulsive behaviors and an uncontrollable need for a drug or substance. When a person consumes a drug such as heroin or prescription pain killers, the drug causes chemical reactions inside the body. These reactions, while often pleasurable (euphoria and a sense of calm are common drug use effects) can change the way the neurons in the brain function and operate. This means that the body can no longer produce pleasurable sensations itself and must rely on the drug for that feeling. This creates a physical dependency. Emotional and psychological dependence involve the person thinking that they can find solace or relief from their daily struggles through use of the drug. If you know someone struggling with substance dependence, the professionals at Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL can help. Call us today at (321) 558-1502.

What Is Drug Addiction Treatment?

Drug addiction treatment and recovery are processes that take time and occur in steps. The first step following the realization you have a substance abuse problem is to detox your body. This gets the drug out of your body. Detox also causes the patient to go through withdrawals, both physically and psychologically. Because withdrawal symptoms can be intense, it is best not to attempt to detox on your own. You need emotional and physical support that treatments centers and/or hospitals can provide.

Following the detox phase comes the process of recovering and building skills and strategies for lifelong sobriety. This will include therapy and counseling, both in individual and group settings. The purpose of drug addiction counseling is to help a person recognize and realize the underlying feelings and issues in their lives (whether physical or mental) that led them to abuse and become addicted to drugs. Then, the counselor, patient, and support group members work together to explore coping mechanisms for better dealing with those issues as well as relapse temptations.

In addition to the core therapy and counseling, drug addiction treatment can include therapies such as yoga to reconnect the mind and body in healthy, mindful ways, equine therapy to help patients relearn to build trusting and emotionally honest relationships, and art therapy to express thoughts, fears, and feelings in a productive and healthy way. All of these treatments can be used in a residential treatment center in which patients temporarily live in a rehab center, an inpatient hospital setting, or as an outpatient who lives at home but partakes in treatment through a rehab program.

Who Needs Drug Addiction Treatment?

Any people who find themselves frequently abusing a drug or alcohol (or a combination of several) and feel that they cannot function properly without regular “doses” of those drugs should seek out help for substance abuse and addiction. Signs of drug addiction include changes in behavior or general demeanor, isolation from friends and family, secretive and hoarding behavior, money problems, and trouble at work or school. Physical symptoms can include drug cravings, pain or nausea when denied access to the drug, and changes in heart rate or blood pressure. Essentially, if you suspect that a drug is being used excessively or a person is dependent on that drug (even if that person is you), drug addiction treatment is necessary. Call Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL at (321) 558-1502 to find out more about available programs.

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