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When a person is suffering from a drug addiction or substance abuse problem, it seems that the most difficult task to accomplish is to get the person to admit they have a problem. However, once this step is taken, choosing between addiction recovery programs is the next task at hand. While you do not want to undermine your achievements in admitting to having a drug addiction, you cannot let the momentum towards getting clean and sober slip away. So, before you lose steam, get to know more about the various recovery programs that are available to you. Once you know your options you can choose between recovery programs and get started with getting and staying sober.

What Are The Available Addiction Recovery Models

Addiction recovery programs vary in two distinct ways: in the models they base their recovery plans on (an overarching theory that dictates the ways in which treatments are designed) and in the individual treatment components that are offered under these models. There are three addiction recovery models that are used in treatment programs. It is important to note that the models are not exclusive and can be used in combination as well as individually.

The Motivational Interviewing Model

Motivational interviewing is based on the idea that recovering addicts need to feel an alliance with their therapist. Rather than feel a contentious or doctor-patient relationship with a therapist that can create distance and conflict, motivational interviewing techniques make recovering addicts feel as if their therapists have a vested interest in their success and recovery. This model works well with addicts who have issues trusting authority figures due to past traumas or who have difficulty forming close bonds with any other people. Because motivational interviewing models of addiction treatment focus so much on the specific relationship between a recovering addict and their therapist, the primary treatment utilized is individual therapy. Equine therapy may also be used for such patients as it focuses on building trusting relationships with others, only with a horse rather than another person.

The Cognitive/Behavioral Model

The cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery involves dealing with the feelings and behaviors that contributed and led a person to develop a substance abuse or addiction problem in the first place. This means that the person needs to dig into events that occurred in their past, feelings and emotions, and habits and behaviors that may be unhealthy or otherwise related to addiction. Cognitive therapy can also help to treat any mood disorders or mental health issues that contributed to the development of an addiction. This exploration of contributing factors to addiction leads to the development of coping mechanisms to help keep the recovering addict away from temptation. Individual and group therapies are the primary treatment options used in the cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery.

The Motivational Incentives Model

Motivational incentives are quite a bit different than the other two addiction recovery models. It involves providing recovering addicts with tangible rewards for completing certain steps or treatments in their recovery plan. This model can be used with virtually any treatment, from individual and group therapy to restorative yoga and acupuncture. The key is that the patient requires extrinsic motivation (in the form of attainable prizes and rewards) in order to be inspired to participate in their addiction treatment. Oftentimes, this is used with patients who are reluctant to participate in certain aspects of their recovery or who are just naturally inclined to respond to tangible extrinsic motivational factors rather than abstract intrinsic ones.

As you can see, the models of addiction recovery are varied and work to accommodate the needs of all different types of recovering addicts. All you need to do is find a recovery program that fits with your personality and needs. Remember too that many of these recovery programs combine various models of treatment to help provide comprehensive addiction recovery for all patients. Find out more about which treatment methods work best for you by calling Palm Bay Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers at 321-558-1502.

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