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Many people believe that they know what substance abuse is and entails. However, due in large part to news stories and popular culture depictions of famous people going to rehab and then being miraculously cured of all of their problems, most of these people have incorrect perceptions of substance abuse and drug addiction.

Get to know the facts about substance abuse. This includes the signs and symptoms, definition, and available treatment for substance abuse and drug addiction problems. Once you have a better understanding of these concepts, you will be better equipped to identify such problems in yourself or in others and seek out needed assistance and treatment. Call our Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL today at (321) 558-1502

Defining it

Substance abuse is characterized by the excessive and frequent use of an addictive substance (i.e. illegal or legal drugs and alcohol). The problem lies in the fact that many people have different concepts of what is excessive and what is frequent. So, the definition can be expanded to state that any use or abuse of a drug or alcohol that has an effect upon and alters or causes problems in a person’s daily life, routine, or behaviors, constitutes substance abuse. These changes can include affecting relationships with friends, family, coworkers and superiors at work, placing oneself in physical danger while under the influence or in pursuit of the drug, or getting into financial trouble as a result of drug use and purchase. Any use of a substance that profoundly affects who you are as a person or how you act and interact with the world can be deemed abuse. If you or someone you love is suffering from this condition and has been able to quit on his or her own, call Drug Rehab Centers Palm Bay at 321-558-1502.

What Are Common Signs And Symptoms Of Abuse?

The most noticeable signs of abuse or addiction are those behavior changes listed above. Additional symptoms can include depression, anxiety or panic, restlessness or perpetual preoccupation, and obsessive lines of thought and behavior. Substance abusers may also get into legal trouble, become isolated and secretive, act defensively when asked questions, or appear aloof and detached where previously engaged.

What Are Some Common Substances That Are Abused?

Many different types of drugs can be abused. However, some are more common than others due to availability, affordability, and what is popular at the time a person begins using drugs. Here are a few commonly abused drugs.

Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is a synthetically produces street drug that is highly addictive. In fact a person can become addicted after one time using the drug. Crystal meth is an amphetamine meaning that it acts as a stimulant providing a near-immediate surge of euphoria and energy. The crash or withdrawal comes on quickly as well and people feel the immediate need and urge for more to feel good again. Meth alters brain chemistry so that certain receptors are blocked making the brain and body crave it even more to feel any type of positive sensation or emotion.


Heroin is also a highly addictive street drug belonging to the narcotic family. Unlike meth, heroin depresses the body slowing breathing and the heart rate. It too involves a sense of euphoria but is a calming euphoria rather than an energetic one. Cardiovascular and lung issues can occur due to heroin use and fatal overdoses are quite common as too much can cause breathing to slow to nothing. Heroin withdrawals and the long-term effects use has on the body make it one of the deadliest street drugs on the market.

What Are The Treatments For Substance Abuse?

At Drug Treatment Centers Palm Bay, substance abuse treatment begins with the detox process. Going through detox and withdrawals can be quite difficult, painful, and even medically dangerous if not done properly. As such, detox in our facility is the best option for any recovering addict. Following detox, individual and group therapies help to get down to the root causes of addiction and help patients learn to cope with triggers and cravings. Additional alternative treatments can include yoga, music and art therapies, equine therapy, and acupuncture.

Substance abuse can happen to anyone. If you or any people you love show signs and symptoms of abuse, do not hesitate to contact Drug Rehab Palm Bay FL at (321) 558-1502.

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